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Specializing in dietary restricted cuisine and baked goods


Creator behind the Truffle

Courtenay Heetebrij

Self taught cook and baker, Courtenay has been sharing her cuisine with the Kootenay's since 2018. Professionally trained in the environmental field she has a great passion for the outdoors and wildlife. She started delving into the dietary restricted culinary world due to severe allergies within her family, and has since mastered creating delicious filling meals while accommodating gluten free, diary free, soy free, nightshade free, and vegan meals and desserts. Creating culinary experiences is her passion and she loves to hear about her customers experiences, especially those who have had a difficult time in the past finding meals and desserts that can accommodate their dietary needs. Her past time is spent with her family where she enjoys hiking, fishing, gardening, and gathering berries and mushrooms. Truly an ambassador of the Kootenay Lifestyle!

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Catering & Events

Catering for small intimate events or large get togethers and celebrations! Whether its grazing tables for the snackier crowd or sit down dinners, Truffle and Thyme will make your get together memorable with delish cuisine and beautiful display. Table scaping is another product we offer alongside our catering service to make an event truly memorable.

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Truffle and Thyme Kootenay Catering and Creations strives to maintain a high standard for both the quality of product we produce and our care for customer relations. We serve the people and want to bring joy and delectable moments to you and yours.

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